Divorce & Separation: Asking the Right Questions

March 16, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

When you decide to separate, choosing the right process for you and your family is the most important first step. Each situation will be different, and there are a number of different options to suit varying circumstances. But before you seek help from a solicitor, ask yourself a few fundamental questions about what you need and what kind of outcome you’re looking for: What are the most important issues you need to discuss? What are your priorities? Dividing up assets or sorting out living arrangements or dealing with children’s issues? Are there any provisional agreements you can make before you seek legal help to streamline the process? Which issues are non-negotiable and ...

Finding help with divorce and separation

March 09, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

The prospect of divorce can be overwhelming, but there’s plenty of help and advice to be found, and no need to go it alone. Legal advice: Your first port of call should be your solicitor. Finding the right family lawyer is the key to feeling in control of your situation, and a good solicitor should offer practical support and understanding throughout the separation process. There are a variety of different options when it comes to divorce, and not all of them involve going to court. Mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law all allow you to resolve disputes privately and effectively without taking your case before a judge. Family law ...

10 things to know about divorce

February 26, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

#1: Someone has to take the blame There is currently no allowance for ‘no fault’ divorce in the UK, and unlike America we do not have an option for ‘irreconcilable differences’ when choosing grounds for divorce – someone must accept that they are at fault in some way. The most common grounds for divorce are unreasonable behaviour and adultery. Adultery is pretty self-explanatory but unreasonable behaviour can cover a vast range of reasons, such as financial issues, irresponsible behaviour, emotional manipulation, or simply falling out of love. If you’re unsure about which grounds to choose, speak to your solicitor to discuss your situation. #2: Don’t stay together ‘for the sake of ...

Property & Conveyancing: A Guide to House Viewings

February 19, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Looking for a new place? Viewings can be exciting, underwhelming, and sometimes confusing. How do you know when you’ve found The One? And what should you keep an eye out for when viewing a property to stop yourself getting swept up in the moment and making a snap decision on what turns out to be a lemon? Here are a few questions to ask yourself, your estate agent, and the homeowner to make sure you’re covering all bases during house viewings: Is this property part of a chain? Is the owner in the process of buying somewhere new? Will you be reliant on their moving plans? How secure are you ...

Debt and Relationship Disputes

February 12, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Relationship counselling organisation Relate recently published new research on the link between finances and relationship problems: In too deep: an investigation into debt and relationships. The report explores the effects of debt on relationships, such as difficulty communicating, increased conflict, blame and mistrust, and the connection between financial issues and relationship breakdown. Conversely, the report reveals that relationship breakdown can also be a significant cause of debt problems, feeding into a vicious cycle where disagreements over financial worries lead to poor communication, resulting in the debt remaining unresolved. According to Relate: ‘one in ten people in Britain have experienced a relationship breakdown due to debt, and one in ten argues with ...

Family Arbitration

February 05, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Going to court can be a daunting prospect for couples seeking separation, but there are a number of out-of-court alternatives for those who wish to settle their issues privately and efficiently – one of which is family arbitration. Traditionally used as a method of dispute resolution for businesses and financial issues, arbitration is now an option for couples and individuals in need of assistance in resolving relationship conflict within a supportive and private environment. Family arbitration can help you to reach a decision about finances, property, and some child-based issues during separation negotiations without the need to go through a potentially costly and antagonistic court process. It can also be ...

Wills and Probate: Choosing an Executor

January 27, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

One of the most important parts of making a will is appointing an executor who you trust to manage your affairs after you’re gone. This is a big decision and your first step should be to speak to an experienced solicitor about drawing up a will, making probate arrangements, and organising lasting powers of attorney (LPA). To help you, here’s some advice on what an executor’s responsibilities are and how to choose the right person from the expert family law solicitors at Frances Lindsay & Co: What does an executor do? An executor is somebody you appoint to handle the arrangements and wishes you’ve set down in your ...

Kids and Divorce: Useful Resources

January 20, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

If you have children and are unhappy in your relationship with your partner, you need to consider the well-being of your whole family when it comes to considering separation. If marriage is making you miserable, your children will inevitably be affected, no matter how much you try to hide things from them. Happy parents mean happy children, and studies have shown that the majority of children would rather their parents separate than stay together for their sake if they no longer want to be together. However, when there are children involved, your approach to separation needs to put them front and centre. This is no time to be squabbling ...

Divorce & Separation: Choosing the Right Approach

January 13, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

If you’ve made the decision to separate, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to do next. This is totally understandable – it’s a huge decision, and there are so many logistics to consider, but you don’t have to go it alone. The first step is to find an experienced solicitor to talk over your options. Going to court is not the be-all-and-end-all of divorce – there are a variety of alternatives that cost less, are more flexible, and allow you to work collaboratively with your ex. Under current UK family law legislation, there is, unfortunately, no option for divorce without blame, but there are ways to approach separation ...

New Year Plans for Buying and Selling Property

January 05, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

  Winter can be a great time to buy and sell property – buyers can grab a bargain and sellers can take advantage of the market downtime by securing a deal while others are putting their plans on hold over the holidays. Whether you’re buying or selling, here are our top tips for making the best of the property market in the new year. First things first, get in touch with your solicitor to discuss your options and get a free conveyancing quote to kickstart your search. Next, make sure your paperwork is in order and speed up the process by working closely with your solicitor. Thorough preparation can help ...

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