Why We Need An Option For ‘No-Fault’ Divorce

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Earlier this year the Government announced plans for a change in legislation to introduce an option for ‘no-fault’ divorce. This would mean a huge – and very welcome – change to the existing family law system which currently requires couples to either live apart for a significant amount of time or make allegations against one or other in order to separate, in many cases increasing the duration, stress and potential animosity of the process. According to the Ministry of Justice, the focus for reform is to reduce conflict and ‘place greater emphasis on future relationships – particularly those involving children – and to enable reconciliation where possible.’ ...

Managing Lasting Powers of Attorney

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A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that sets out a person’s wishes in the event that they are unable to make decision on their own behalf in the future, due to illness, disability, old age, or lack of mental capacity. Being appointed to manage someone else’s affairs may involve a range of responsibilities and requirements, and will depend largely on the type of powers of attorney they have in place. There are two main types of Lasting Powers of Attorney: Health and Welfare A health and welfare LPA deals with decisions about the donor’s well-being ...

Divorce & Separation Checklist

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Deciding to separate from your partner can be a huge step, and you may feel a little overwhelmed with all the ‘what ifs’ in your future. If you’re in the early stages of separation and wondering what to focus on first, it can be useful to sit down and write down a practical list of issues to deal with to help you move forward. We’ve put together a basic checklist to get you started – you may want to add to or amend it as necessary, since every circumstance is different, but remember that your ex’s choices and priorities may not be the same as yours. Once you have a clearer ...

Selling Your Home: Quick Tips That Make A Big Difference

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Preparing your home for viewings is a bit of an art form – whether you go full Marie Kondo or only have time for the bare minimum, it’s surprising how the little things can make a huge difference to the appeal of your property to prospective buyers. Here are a few quick tips to help you make that sale in record time: First impressions count: Think about the first thing prospective buyers will see as they pull up to your property. Wheelie bins? Recycling boxes? An overgrown front yard? Closed curtains and dirty windows? For a ...

What Does ‘No Fault’ Divorce Mean?

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On the 9th of April this year, the government announced new legislation to overhaul divorce laws and offer the option for ‘no fault’ divorce with the aim of reducing family conflict and simplifying the process of separation for couples who do not wish to assign blame. The focus of the reform is to minimise animosity, acknowledging the fact that sometimes a breakdown in marriage is not necessarily due to specific actions of either party, and laying blame often creates unnecessary hostility and acrimony during an already difficult time. Particularly where children are involved, the need for a more positive, cooperative approach is clear, allowing couples to reconcile if possible, and move forward with a constructive outlook for the future. Here’s an ...

Cohabiting Couples Need Better Legal Protection When it Comes to Separation

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A bill to improve the legal rights of cohabitants was given a second reading in the House of Lords last month, putting forward a number of proposals that would help to provide better financial outcomes for separating unmarried couples. Under current UK family law, cohabiting couples are not protected by the same legal rights as married couples or those in civil partnerships. If they decide to split up and there is no cohabitation agreement in place, individuals have no right to assets or property unless they are held in joint names. This means that if one party has sacrificed a career to raise children, ...

Divorce & Separation: Moving On With Positivity

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When a relationship ends, the future can feel uncertain. Going through a divorce or separation – no matter how amicable – brings about huge changes. It’s natural to feel a whole host of conflicting emotions: relief, anger, confusion, hope, anxiety – perhaps sometimes all at once! It’s also completely normal to feel overwhelmed at times, or to feel as if the process will never end. But it will. And with the right approach, you can push through the difficult times and reach a point where you feel content, hopeful for the future, and back in control of your life. So how ...

Dr Nighat Arif on Coping with Divorce

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  Dr Nighat Arif from DOCTORnow - a private general medical service based at Champneys Tring - has kindly provided us with some valuable advice on Coping with Divorce, and how separation affects couples, individuals, their children and extended family:   "At the end of the day, every couple has a point in their relationship where the negatives stack up so much that being together causes more distress. It is up to the couple to decide where that line in the sand is drawn. Sadly when such transitions in life happen, casualties occur and when a heart breaks it does not break ...

Changing your Will after Separation

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It's important to keep your will up to date to reflect your changing circumstances during and after the separation process. Until you have a decree absolute, you are still a married couple from a legal point of view, and inheritance laws will treat you as such unless you specify otherwise. Without a will, intestacy rules state that your estate passes to your spouse, even if you are going through the separation process. If you have children, the first £250,000 of your estate will go to your spouse, and the rest will be divided equally into two parts – one half going to your children, and the rest to ...

Ring in the changes of the New Year… and update your will!

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As the end of the year approaches, it’s a natural time to start thinking about your plans for 2016 as well as looking back on what’s changed this year. Maybe you changed jobs or moved house, met the love of your life or welcomed a new addition to your family into the world. Twelve months may zip past these days, but a lot can happen in that time – and while making or updating your will may not be top of your to-do list, the New Year can be a good time to take stock of your life changes and prepare for the future. It’s ...

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