Prenups and Petnups – The Rise of Relationship Agreements

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Changes in attitudes towards marriage a may be behind a rising trend in prenuptial agreements – and, in some cases, ‘petnups’, relating to the custody and care of shared pets. A prenuptial agreement usually details any assets, liabilities, and expectations a couple brings to a relationship. In the case of separation, this legal document can then be used  as an aid to  resolve disputes over property, financial settlements, children’s arrangements – or even pets. Deciding who gets to keep the family pet after divorce can be a particularly difficult issue. The first legally binding ‘petnup’ agreement was reportedly launched in 2014, ...

Children’s Arrangements

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When people separate - whether married or not - arrangements for children are usually (or should be) paramount. Most people decide between themselves how to make these practical arrangements - after all, they are your children and you know what is best for them - but sometimes it's not possible to come to a mutual agreement without support from a legal professional. If parents are unable to agree between themselves, or perhaps just need a bit of help ironing out the wrinkles, then mediation is an ideal option. A skilled mediator will help parents come to an agreement that works for everyone, whether that is an informal arrangement or a more formal co-parenting plan, or ...

Free Legal Consultations: What To Expect

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Before you engage a solicitor - or even find out whether you will need one - you need to explore your options, decide if you’d like to work with this particular solicitor, and figure out a way forward. Most solicitors will offer you an initial consultation of 30-45 minutes without charge to talk about family law issues such as divorce and separation. Many people arrive with the expectation that the solicitor will be able to give them detailed information on a financial settlement or child arrangements, however these appointments are only meant to provide an introduction and general information on the issues involved. It is simply not possible to provide detailed advice without all the necessary information and ...

Should Inheritance Be Included in the Joint Pot During Divorce or Should You Try and Hide It?

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Trying to hide your assets from your partner during divorce is never a good idea – inevitably you will be found out and non-disclosure where you have signed a statement of truth is a contempt of court and a very serious matter, likely to land you in a far worse financial situation than if you declared and included all assets in the pot. In a recent case, a woman attempted to temporarily ‘gift’ away a large sum of inheritance to her builder with the aim of keeping it out of her divorce. The two had become friends during plans to build an extension, and Mrs Byrne disclosed ...

The Myth of the ‘Quickie’ Divorce

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Every time a well-known celebrity is in the news for getting a miraculously fast divorce, the amount of enquiries we receive about ‘quickie divorces’ shoots up. And every time that happens, we have to patiently explain that there’s no such thing – no matter what the headlines say – and on occasions we have to give someone the disappointing advice that they are unlikely to be able to remarry within the next two to three months.   The latest star to join the annals of ‘quickie’ legend is actress Bonnie Langford, who recently separated amicably from her husband of 20 years and was – according to the news – awarded an astonishingly quick ‘90-second ...

Dr Nighat Arif on Coping with Divorce

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  Dr Nighat Arif from DOCTORnow - a private general medical service based at Champneys Tring - has kindly provided us with some valuable advice on Coping with Divorce, and how separation affects couples, individuals, their children and extended family:   "At the end of the day, every couple has a point in their relationship where the negatives stack up so much that being together causes more distress. It is up to the couple to decide where that line in the sand is drawn. Sadly when such transitions in life happen, casualties occur and when a heart breaks it does not break ...

Changing your Will after Separation

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It's important to keep your will up to date to reflect your changing circumstances during and after the separation process. Until you have a decree absolute, you are still a married couple from a legal point of view, and inheritance laws will treat you as such unless you specify otherwise. Without a will, intestacy rules state that your estate passes to your spouse, even if you are going through the separation process. If you have children, the first £250,000 of your estate will go to your spouse, and the rest will be divided equally into two parts – one half going to your children, and the rest to ...

Ring in the changes of the New Year… and update your will!

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As the end of the year approaches, it’s a natural time to start thinking about your plans for 2016 as well as looking back on what’s changed this year. Maybe you changed jobs or moved house, met the love of your life or welcomed a new addition to your family into the world. Twelve months may zip past these days, but a lot can happen in that time – and while making or updating your will may not be top of your to-do list, the New Year can be a good time to take stock of your life changes and prepare for the future. It’s ...

Mortgage rates at an all-time low – is it time to buy?

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Mortgage rates have dropped dramatically in the last few months, with the average cost of a two-year variable rate deal falling down below 2% as lenders attempt to out-do one another. Experts suggest that mortgage lenders are eager to take new accounts in the uncertain period surrounding the general election. A spokeswoman from Moneyfacts said: “We are currently seeing lenders outbid each other to offer the lowest possible deal on the market to grab headlines. This is because many lenders are preparing for the eventuality of a base rate rise and looking to gain new customers now in hope of recouping any losses that will ...

Buying and Selling Property: FAQs

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The property law experts at Frances Lindsay & Co answer some frequently asked questions about how to negotiate the property market: Q: When should I contact a solicitor when buying/selling a house? A: It's a good idea to find a solicitor you trust and get on with even before you find a buyer for  your house or start looking for your dream home. Your solicitor can help you to understand how the process works so that you can factor all the costs involved into your budget before you start. If you're hoping to sell a property quickly, it's really useful to instruct ...

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