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New Government Support Announced for Adoptive Families

September 27, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

A new government fund worth £19.3 million for adoptive parents is due to roll out in 2015 to provide access to therapy and family support services. Cognitive, play and music therapies help children to settle and bond with their new families as well as assisting recovery from previous experiences. The scheme aims to “ensure that children have a stable and fulfilling childhood – a fundamental right for every child, no matter what their starting point in life,” according to the minister for children and families, Edward Timpson. Local authorities are responsible for assessing adoptive families to help them find the right support, but a study by Adoption UK found that many parents remain unaware of what they are entitled to. Only 56% ...

How Much !?!?!?!

April 15, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

It’s not enough for Legal Aid for family matters to have been all but abolished but it has to be trumpeted on every TV channel, News Station and Radio programme. You would think that the end of the world was nigh! Well not it’s not. Global warming and the chap in North Korea will see to that but probably not any time soon. It is however distressing and frightening for people in difficult relationships who really need to find a way out and who need some help in doing so.  If you believe all that you see on TV or read in the paper then you would think that every divorce, separation, family dispute costs hundreds of thousands of pounds in ...

On grandchildren

August 26, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

I have a lot of children. I lose count sometimes but including step children, partners and grandchildren we make about 16 for Sunday lunch. The eldest curly haired daughter, aka The Short One, is pregnant. We have ordered a curly haired child, although Drummer Boy (Short One’s husband) is not assisting in that department. The Short One and I have weathered the storms of the tantrums, the teenage years, the coming home late at night after the odd gin and tonic (and that was only me), and now we rub along pretty well. Sometimes I irritate her, she patronises me, but I can be pretty certain that the Curly Haired Wonder and I will visit often and even have sleep overs ...

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