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How to Budget for Life After Divorce

August 05, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Budgeting for your divorce can be stressful, but many people fail to plan ahead to accommodate the many changes in finances that occur after separation. It’s important to work out how your living costs may change after divorce and make sure you can cover your bills, or you may be in for more stress just when you thought it was all over. Sometimes an individual’s income will drop significantly following a divorce, while others may find they are freed up from certain debts and payments. By budgeting accordingly and organising your finances, you can help avoid scary bills or unexpected outgoings once ...

Fixed-Fee Divorce in the Thames Valley

July 16, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Around one third of divorcing couples are lucky enough to be able to separate fairly simply and amicably; one partner takes the DVD collection, the other gets the sofa, and you go your separate ways. Things are made even easier if you rent your home and don’t have any dependents, meaning that the entire process can sometimes work out relatively quick and cheap. If, however, your situation is more complicated – for example: if you have children, own property or a business together, or have significant assets or pensions – then you will undoubtedly need the guidance of an experienced divorce solicitor to guide you through the separation process. Some couples are tempted by DIY ...

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