For individuals and couples in need of assistance in finding an amicable and efficient method of resolving conflict, arbitration offers an alternative method of dispute resolution. We understand that going to court is a daunting prospect and, if possible, we can help you to avoid the costs and stress of traditional proceedings with the simplified and less dramatic approach of family arbitration.

Arbitration has been used for decades in commerce and the building industry to settle disputes without the need to go to court. It is now available in family cases and in 2011 Frances became one of the first fully accredited family arbitrators in England and Wales.

Arbitration is infinitely flexible but the arbitrator’s decision is binding. It is much like going to court but has significant advantages. For example:

  • You choose your arbitrator (judge) who will be an expert in family law;
  • You can ask your arbitrator to make decisions on single issues, such as who will have the kettle or to decide how to divide everything you have;
  • You can choose the timescale and location, and of course everything happens in complete privacy
  • You can enter into arbitration with or without lawyers; it’s up to you.

At Frances Lindsay & Co we are collaborative family law specialist solicitors and we offer a range of options for dispute resolution, separation and divorce, including mediation, arbitration and collaboration. Speak to one of our team about the best solution to your situation, or visit the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators for more information.


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