A Fresh Start for January with Mediation for Couples

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January often brings a spike in enquiries for divorce and separation. The festive period can be stressful for couples and families, revealing underlying cracks in a relationship and prompting the decision to make a change. The new year is a time for new starts, and despite the gloomy weather, January can be a productive month for making resolutions. And, as with any resolution you intend to keep – whether you’re trying to give up smoking, cut down on alcohol, get fit, or end a toxic relationship – little steps are more effective than trying to take big leaps. When faced with a separation, attempting to take on everything at once will leave you confused and overwhelmed, which is why it’s always best to get the guidance and advice of a trained divorce solicitor before you make your move. Your lawyer will be able to help you to determine the best way to proceed in your separation and which processes are most appropriate for your situation. Divorcing in court is not the only way – there are several other separation procedures that may offer a cheaper, faster, and less stressful solution.

Mediation with a trained solicitor is a positive and effective way to separate from your partner in a private and supportive environment. Mediation in this sense is not a form of counselling, but a simple method of separation that enables you to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with your partner. Mediation solicitors act independently from both of you to provide objective and practical advice on finalising your separation. Once you’ve made your decisions, your mediation-trained solicitor will create a memorandum of understanding which can then be used to complete any legal processes required.

Choosing a family lawyer is often the best choice for couples with children who would like to negotiate their separation with as little stress and disruption as possible. Another family-friendly alternative to court is collaborative family law – both these methods of resolution rely on discussion, understanding and cooperation between you and your partner with the reassurance and support of a mediation-trained lawyer or family law solicitor. Arbitration is yet another option for couples who wish to settle their separation outside the court. An arbitrator is an experienced independent family lawyer who acts as a sort of private judge for your case. During the arbitration process you have the benefit of using your own lawyers to advise you in addition to the objective perspective of the arbitrator, just as if you were going to court, but in a more private and personal setting.

Find out more about mediation in the video below, or get in touch with Frances Lindsay & Co at our Maidenhead and Beaconsfield offices for advice on which method of separation might be right for you.

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