Are Pre and Post-nups Only for the Rich and Famous?

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Celebrity couples are renowned for their break-ups, with every detail of their marriage and financial agreements being aired in public by the headline-hungry press. Perhaps it’s because of these high profile cases that many people assume pre-nuptial contracts to be something that is reserved for the rich and famous, or for couples who have a large disparity in earnings, but they can be much more than a simple protection of assets.

A nuptial agreement is a document that helps couples to settle any financial claims made against one another in the event of separation. The details of a pre or post-nup agreement can be confirmed before or after marriage, and while they may not the most romantic of gestures, they act as a type of insurance policy in case things don’t go to plan. Think of it like this: when you buy or rent a house, you might not like the idea of being burgled, but you still take out home insurance to protect yourself if the worst happens.

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Nuptial agreements are rising in popularity among couples from every walk of life (whether a celebrity or not!) and can even serve as a way to resolve differences in opinion before marriage. Hopefully you’ll never have to look at it again, but if your relationship does come to an end, a well-drafted agreement means that you should be able to avoid costly litigation and emotional stress while you sort out your differences. By setting out terms and conditions around your finances and assets at a time when you are thinking of both your best interests, you are building a positive framework within your relationship, not only in the case of divorce, but also as you move forward as a couple. Isn’t it better to find out your partner’s intentions towards your mutual finances now rather than later?

And in case you’re worried about being bound to important financial decisions that may not be applicable at a later date, remember that a nuptial agreement is not necessarily binding, although in recent years increasing numbers of pre-nups have been used to help settle disagreements in court. Nuptial agreements are a straightforward way to help you regulate your affairs when you get married, and, in the event that you find yourself in court later, the Judge will ensure that you are not making snap decisions based on your circumstances. 

You don’t have to be rich and famous to consider a pre-nup. It’s always a good idea to discuss important issues with your partner, especially at major turning points in your relationship. The family law department at Frances Lindsay & Co offer down-to-earth expert legal advice on all aspects of family life, from pre-nups to separation, selling property to making a will. Get in touch with us at our Maidenhead or Beaconsfield offices and speak to a friendly family lawyer to talk about your future plans.


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