Commercial Property Law

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Buying, selling and managing commercial property involves an extra dimension of responsibility and complexity, whether you’re letting a flat, setting up business premises, or developing on a large scale.

To handle commercial property law you will need an experienced property solicitor to help you deal with conveyancing, contracts, leases, tenancies, and taxes. A specialist property lawyer will also be able to carry out the appropriate searches and processes required to ensure that every aspect of your transaction is legally sound, and offer advice on all aspects of property law, including:

  • Freehold and leasehold premises
  • Licensed, hospitality and retail premises
  • Industrial estates and office units
  • Institutional and individual tenancy
  • Business lease assignment and renewal
  • Statutory rights and obligations of landlords
  • Property option agreements
  • Planning and environmental issues
  • Land acquisition, registration, development and disposal
  • Formulating a commercial management company
  • Handling property abroad
  • Taxes and regulations

The help of a professional property solicitor is essential to negotiate and understand the complex legal documents involved in commercial leases, to ensure that you comply with all relevant property regulations to avoid costly penalties and complications, and help your business to run as smoothly as possible. To begin your property search, or discuss your needs with one of our property lawyers, get a free online conveyancing quote now.

There are enough risks to cope with in business, without your property being one of them! The experienced property and conveyancing team at Frances Lindsay & Co have over 50 years’ experience in all areas of property law – get in touch by emailing, call us on 01628 634667 or visit

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