Coping With Your First Christmas Post-Divorce

December 03, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

The holidays can be tough, even when you’re not going through a major life change, so if you’re facing your first Christmas after separation, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed…

At Frances Lindsay & Co we often find our divorce clients go into panic mode at this time of year, trying to make things ‘perfect’ for their kids, keep up with the Joneses when it comes to social activities and buying presents, or simply try to pretend as if they’re not dealing with a massive amount of stress. But this kind of approach will only lead to burnout, and a time that should be spent having a well-earned rest with your friends and family suddenly turns into another burden on your shoulders.

So take a step back, get some perspective (it’s only one day, after all), and use our guide to minimising Christmas stress to help you through the festive season:

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