Five Dos and Don’ts of Using a Solicitor

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If you’ve never had to deal with legal issues before, you may find the whole prospect a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re going through a difficult time in your life, or need to make a tough decision – such as dealing with probate after a loved one’s death, or making the choice to separate from your partner.

At Frances Lindsay & Co our aim is to offer ‘a different kind of family law’ – a down-to-earth, flexible, and personalised approach to help take the weight off your shoulders and find a solution that works for your unique situation.

Here are our top five dos and don’ts to help you negotiate legal processes and work together with your solicitor in the most effective way possible:

  1. DO get your paperwork in order. Any legal process is going to move faster and more efficiently if you have all the appropriate admin sorted as early as possible. Whether you’re applying to the land registry or making a will or handling children’s issues with your ex – get all you paperwork together before you contact a solicitor and the whole thing is going to run a whole lot smoother.
  2. DON’T take unsolicited advice (excuse the pun). They might mean well, but it’s best to take any suggestions from family members, friends, co-workers or random people on the street with a very large pinch of salt – unless they actually happen to be a professional solicitor. It’s vital to get the right information and guidance before you make any kind of legal decision, and that means going to see an experienced family lawyer.
  3. DO take your time. There’s a tendency to want to rush legal issues – which is understandable if you’re on a tight budget, or are simply desperate for a difficult situation to be over and done with – but it’s important to realise that legal processes take time. There’s no such thing as a quickie divorce, and DIY legal packages may cut essential corners and leave you exposed to problems down the line.
  4. DON’T be selective with the truth. A solicitor needs all the information if they’re going to be able to help you, and holding back important details in the hope that you’ll get a better settlement or outcome is only going to come back and bite you in the future. Your solicitor is on your side – let them represent you to the best of their abilities by giving them as much info as possible to work with.
  5. DO consider keeping things out of court. Alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law are cost-effective and flexible ways to come to a mutually-agreeable solution without the stress and delays of going to court.

The family law team at Frances Lindsay & Co are experienced, friendly, and always happy to offer professional advice and guidance. We provide expert legal services across the Thames Valley, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Visit our offices in Maidenhead and Beaconsfield, or contact us online at

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