Fixed-Fee Divorce in the Thames Valley

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Around one third of divorcing couples are lucky enough to be able to separate fairly simply and amicably; one partner takes the DVD collection, the other gets the sofa, and you go your separate ways. Things are made even easier if you rent your home and don’t have any dependents, meaning that the entire process can sometimes work out relatively quick and cheap.

If, however, your situation is more complicated – for example: if you have children, own property or a business together, or have significant assets or pensions – then you will undoubtedly need the guidance of an experienced divorce solicitor to guide you through the separation process. Some couples are tempted by DIY divorces or online divorce packages in the hope that they will save a bit of money, but even a straightforward divorce will incur unavoidable fees and without the support of an expert, you may find you dig yourself a deeper hole that requires further legal negotiation (and money) to get out of. 

Most divorces involve financial orders to divide up your assets, and some may even go on to a full court hearing resulting in a settlement imposed by a judge, where costs can suddenly balloon. By this point, the money you might have saved on your ‘quickie’ divorce will be sunk into hiring the solicitor you should have called in the first place, and all the associated legal fees of taking your case to court.

The middle ground, therefore, is to choose a divorce solicitor who offers fixed fees for many of the stages of the separation process, allowing you to budget accurately every step of the way. This means you pay for what you need and won’t be caught by any nasty surprises in the form of unexpected bills. You’ll get the legal advice and support appropriate to your case, ensure your assets are divided fairly, and avoid any unnecessary costs caused by an escalating dispute. You certainly shouldn’t be worrying about your lawyer’s hourly rate when you really need to be concentrating on resolving your issues with your partner and moving on with your life!

Fixed fee legal services for divorce also include cohabitation, children’s issues, and dissolution of civil partnerships, as well as out-of-court separation processes such as collaborative family law, arbitration and mediation. For more information on finding the best method of separation for your personal situation, get in touch with our family law team at for fixed-fee legal services across the Thames Valley.


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