Handling Relationship Stress While Moving House

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The stress and disruption of moving house can put huge strains on a relationship – whether it’s down to money worries, legal issues or disagreeing over the colour of your new curtains. There are plenty of potential pitfalls to deal with when you’re looking to sell or buy a property, from gazumping competitors to delays in exchanging contracts, so it’s essential to get in touch with a trusted property solicitor as soon as possible to help you negotiate the process from start to finish.

The most common causes of relationship difficulties during a house move include:

  • Financial issues: mortgages, insurance policies, legal fees and unexpected costs;
  • Lack of communication: between you and your partner, or with buyers, sellers and agents;
  • Organisation: property searches, budgeting, arranging viewings, preparing your own home for sale,  and the practicalities of packing and moving;
  • Legal issues: dealing with stamp duty, property boundaries, contracts, fees and planning permission.

Having a solicitor by your side throughout the sale is the best way to cope with all the issues listed above and keep things running smoothly. Your solicitor can help you with drawing up legal contracts, liaising with property agents, performing title checks and property searches, assisting with mortgage issues and any other complications that may arise along the way. And by letting your solicitor take the weight off your shoulders, your relationship is far less likely to suffer under the stress of the move.

It’s also important to take the time to talk with your partner about the emotional impact of moving house – you might be sad about leaving your old home behind, or apprehensive about moving to an unfamiliar area; delegate responsibilities according to each of your strengths and don’t let one partner take on everything; use the move as an opportunity to declutter and embrace the change as a fresh start!

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