Heard in the Office. Warning: moral debate

September 16, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Hot debate in the office this morning about the morality or otherwise of pre-nuptial (or antenuptial) agreements. I am not saying who said what but  here’s how it went


A fantastic way of insuring and protecting yourself should your marriage break down. No one wants a marriage to end but the statistics show that nearly half of them end in divorce.  

Why run the risk of losing pre-acquired marital wealth when you could give the court a clear indication that both you and your spouse had agreed what was to happen in the event of divorce?

 You wouldn’t drive your car without insurance would you? Certainly not if you knew that there was a 50% chance you were going to crash.

Anyway, by signing a pre-nup you aren’t saying that you will definitely get divorced one day; just that if you did then you have already agreed what you would like to happen and things will be more amicable.  


What about the sanctity of marriage for a start? This isn’t car insurance you’re buying; this is a get out clause for when the going gets tough.

 Apart from the fact that you can’t oust the jurisdiction of the court, you can’t begin to predict what your financial situation will be when and if you do get a divorce.

What about the courts? If the pre-nup is contested it might not be given the weight that one party intended when they signed it.

Regardless of the legality of it all, there is just something inherently wrong with entering into a partnership with someone, but then right before you do you’ve signed up for a separation.

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