How Mediation Helps the Divorce Process to Run Smoothly

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Mediation has become increasingly popular since 2011 as an alternative method of dispute resolution for couples who are looking to separate or divorce. Mediation can be a really useful way of sorting out all the details and practicalities like finances, savings and contact arrangements for children. Because you’re working with an objective third party, mediation tends to help the process move along in a positive direction rather than going round and round in circles. Many couples need a little extra support to see their situation clearly and to avoid getting bogged down in the emotionally-charged ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of their circumstances. As mediation-trained lawyers, we basically sit you down and say: “Right, let’s sort this whole thing out.”

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Mediation can allow you to avoid court completely, reducing the costs of your separation and, in many cases, ensuring that your proceedings aren’t unnecessarily drawn out. Let’s face it – if you’ve made the decision to get divorced, you want things to run as smoothly as possible. Mediation is often the best way of ironing out all the little hurdles that you come up against, especially when there are kids involved.

One main positive of mediation is that by its very nature it is less confrontational than court proceedings. Couples come to mediation as two adults who have agreed to sit down and sort things out as amicably as possible, and this technique helps to empower both parties and reassure them that they’re making the right decisions for their future. It can make a big difference to feel that you’re the ones who have come to the final resolution, rather than having to adhere to court orders which have been handed to you.

For couples with children, separation and divorce involves a lot of compromise, and, hopefully, a fair bit of cooperation. When you’re working through your divorce, mediation enables you to find long-term solutions for your family. Mediation-trained solicitors can help you to understand the laws and processes involved in every aspect of your divorce, especially in terms of family law. You’ll begin with an assessment which covers the main areas you need to resolve, followed by a number of meetings with your solicitor where you’ll work through the logistics and final decisions of your case.

A formal mediation process offers a supportive and positive environment to help you and your partner communicate through your separation, from parenting to living arrangements, financial plans to dividing up your assets. At Frances Lindsay & Co we offer fixed legal fees for all our services, including mediation, which allow you to plan and budget for every stage of your proceedings. If you’re eager to have your divorce finalised with the minimum of fuss, and feel you and your partner would benefit from the experience of an impartial and objective solicitor, then mediation could be right for you. To find out more about the mediation services we offer in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, please visit, email or call us on 01628 634667.




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