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It’s not enough for Legal Aid for family matters to have been all but abolished but it has to be trumpeted on every TV channel, News Station and Radio programme. You would think that the end of the world was nigh! Well not it’s not. Global warming and the chap in North Korea will see to that but probably not any time soon. It is however distressing and frightening for people in difficult relationships who really need to find a way out and who need some help in doing so.

 If you believe all that you see on TV or read in the paper then you would think that every divorce, separation, family dispute costs hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees. Up to a point that’s true some cost well into the millions but the real fact of the matter is that unless you are one of the truly wealthy or you are intent on making your point using lawyers, most divorces cost nothing like that.

It’s not the lawyers who rack up the costs. I would say that wouldn’t I? Any half decent lawyer can do a straightforward divorce for around £1200 – £1500 and a simple financial settlement for about another £3000 or so.

 It really is up to you how much you spend. If you want to ask your wife what she spent £17.54 on in Sainsbury’s 6 months ago and require an explanation of why she thinks her gas bill will be £75 per month;. If you want your husband to justify £15 per week on lunches at work and request a two page narrative as to why he can’t make sandwiches then you will be spending a lot of money with your lawyers that you might have enjoyed spending on something more interesting. What I am saying is have all the information you need to make a reasoned judgement just be sensible and think. The more complicated you make it the more of your money you will need to spend.

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