How to Choose a Great Solicitor

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Easy: give us a call!

Hmm, that was a short blog. Ok, let’s elaborate.

Choosing a solicitor isn’t just about picking the cheapest/nearest option. Although legal procedures may at times seem rather technical, your relationship with your solicitor should be a personal one – when you’re dealing with highly emotional life changes it makes sense to work with someone you trust and can get along with. Your solicitor’s job is to provide you with expert legal advice and guidance tailored to your situation, so it’s important to find someone you feel comfortable working with, someone who is sensitive to your needs, and someone who can and will remain objective.

So how do you go about finding the right solicitor for you?

1) Start local: Ask around your friends and family for a good referral. Word of mouth reputation is the best way to find out what a solicitor is really like. Having a local lawyer also means that if you need to book a last minute appointment or have to pop in to sign documents you won’t need to disrupt your routine too much.

2) Check their accreditation: Pick a solicitor who is a member of recognised and respected organisations such as the Law Society, Resolution, the Collaborative Family Law Group or the Institute of Arbitrators. Having accreditations such as these means that a solicitor’s professional ability has been rigorously tested and proven to be of a high standard and they are experienced in their chosen field.

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4) Affordability: Money is always going to be an issue in making a decision about a solicitor. A good solicitor should provide you with an outline of potential costs and fees related to your case – some (like Frances Lindsay & Co!) also offer fixed fee legal services for some parts of the process so you can keep track of exactly what you need to budget for.3) First impressions count: When you first visit a potential solicitor, make sure you bring along as much relevant information and documentation as possible so that they can give you an accurate estimation regarding the outcome of your case and the costs involved. It’s usually obvious from your first meeting whether you’re going to get along with a solicitor – ideally you want someone who listens carefully to your side of the story but who also isn’t afraid to talk to you straight about your realistic options.

5) Honesty is the best policy: Good solicitors are open and straightforward when it comes to the logistics of your case. The very best solicitors also manage to be sympathetic and sensitive while doing so. Above all, you need a solicitor who will be honest and direct, and who knows how to best meet your legal needs in a way that will benefit you and your family.

As solicitors, family lawyers and mediators, our job is about helping individuals, couples and families through tough times. We’re committed to providing a tailored service that accommodates the unique needs of each and every client we work with – let us take the weight off your shoulders! If you’re based in the Thames Valley and need a friendly and experienced solicitor, get in touch with us at to see how we can help. 

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