Is Mediation ‘Quicker, Easier, and Cheaper’ than Other Forms of Separation?

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Mediation is often marketed as being a quicker, easier and cheaper method of separation for couples who want to avoid going to court over their divorce. But does this alternative form of dispute resolution really offer an all-round simpler solution?

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The first thing to realise about mediation is that it is not a form of counselling. The role of a mediator-solicitor is to bring together both parties to find the best outcome for everyone involved. Your mediator takes an independent position and is not able to act as a legal representative for either of you, or take sides. However, participants of mediation do often find that the process provides a kind of ‘closure’ with their ex-partner, as it encourages you to look at the fundamental issues in your separation. For many, mediation is a way of getting a ‘just’ result, without the court or a third-party making decisions for you. Mediation allows you to make your own decisions and set the scene for the future, and, most importantly, it keeps you and your ex communicating.

Is mediation quicker?

In most cases, mediation provides a quicker option for separating couples. On average, a mediated case takes 110 days compared to traditional methods divorce which take around 435 days to complete. Of course, the length of any legal process depends on the parties involved and it shouldn’t be assumed that mediation is a ‘quick fix’. It’s important for mediation to proceed at the right pace for a couple’s disputes to be resolved in a positive way, but generally this process offers a faster result than other forms of separation.

Is mediation easier?

Just like any method of separation, the process of mediation is likely to be challenging and emotionally draining at times. However, the presence of a solicitor trained in mediation means that you will be supported and guided throughout the course of your mediation in a sensitive and personal manner. Because mediation is a collaborative practice, it means you will work through practical issues with your ex and your mediator-solicitor – and while this is a less combative approach to separation, you will need to set any anger and resentment aside in order to reach an agreement.

Is mediation cheaper?

Mediation is likely to be cheaper than traditional forms of separation if it is successful, since you avoid court fees and costs produced by extended divorce processes that might occur when parties are in disagreement. The costs of the average mediated case are therefore generally found to be significantly less than a non-mediated case. At Frances Lindsay & Co we also offer fixed-fee services on all our legal options, allowing you to budget realistically for every stage of whichever process you choose.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation offers a chance for couples to reflect on their differences in a supportive environment, and work through any issues of their separation with a trained mediation-solicitor. Mediation allows you to avoid going to court, and is a far less confrontational method of dispute resolution, making it ideal for couples with children who are hoping to find a beneficial solution for their family. Yes, it’s often cheaper and quicker than traditional divorce, and may be considered by many to be ‘easier’ in that it offers a less complicated process, but the most important thing for any couple going through a separation is having an experienced solicitor who is sensitive to your needs. To talk to one of the team at Frances Lindsay & Co about mediation, or any other form of legal separation, visit or call us on 01628 634667.

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