Mediation Reduces the Duration of Family Law Cases by a Quarter

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New statistics from the Ministry of Justice reveal that the time it takes to resolve family law disputes can be significantly reduced with the use of couples’ mediation. A recent press release explained how parenting issues and divorce settlements are generally completed much  faster when couples use the services of a solicitor who is trained in mediation as opposed to using traditional court processes.

“The average time for a mediated case is 110 days compared to 435 days for non-mediated cases,” the release claims. Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes commented on the statistics: “Mediation works and we are committed to making sure that more people make use of it, rather than go through the confrontational and stressful experience of going to court.

“When people separate we want them to do it in the least damaging way for everyone involved, especially children. That is why we want them to use the excellent mediation services available to agree a way forward, rather than have once forced upon them.”

Working with a mediation-trained solicitor involves meeting together with your partner to discuss the issues surrounding your separation. This alternative to court-based divorce is particularly beneficial for couples with children who are seeking the best possible outcome for their family. Mediators provide a neutral service – rather than taking sides, a mediation-trained lawyer helps you to look objectively at your situation and advises you on how to move forward in your separation as a couple. They may also suggest that you seek legal advice appropriate to your case to complete the mediation process.  

Mediated cases spend less time and money on administration than court cases – for example: making court applications, writing statements, dealing with correspondence from and to solicitors – and more time discussing the family’s needs with a professional mediator.  Furthermore, with a mediation-trained solicitor, you won’t have to appear before a judge or go through a cross-examination, reducing the stress and pressure of a divorce. Mediation offers a less confrontational approach to separation that provides an ideal method for families to find a new middle ground in the face of divorce.

For advice on how mediation or other alternatives to court might work for you, speak to one of our expert family lawyers at our Maidenhead or Beaconsfield offices. Frances Lindsay & Co offers fixed fee legal services across the Thames Valley, including divorce, arbitration, collaborative family law, mediation, property and conveyancing, wills and probate. 

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