New Beaconsfield – New Home

August 16, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

It’s that time of year with the school holidays coming to an end and  with the prospect of long walks in the autumn leaves and home to log fires with our family that we look to our homes. Finding and moving into  a new house before Christmas to start the New Year in a new home is an exciting prospect

Well we are a bit ahead of ourselves this year and we are very excited.  We found ourselves a new home in Beaconsfield and have moved in already.  We have grown our of our  offices in  Beaconsfield Old Town, which although very pretty and providing an excellent base  were too small to allow us to provide you with the variety of  legal services we offer.  So we have moved into Beaconsfield New Town, opposite Waitrose and next to Alexandra Dixon Interiors.

On moving in day we took a moment to wander up the road and had an excellent lunch at the Cape Grand Cafe just 2 minutes away opposite Beaconsfield station.  I fear many excellent lunches there will only add to the waistline.

We have settled in nicely now, so if you would like our help in buying your new home or indeed in shaping your new life, then give us a call.  I can’t promise you lunch but we always have a pot of coffee and a few biscuits waiting for you.




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