On Christmas #1

September 20, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat. So am I. The lengthening autumn evenings give me the perfect excuse for leaving my running shoes gathering dust and spiders in the corner. A weekend walk with the dogs through the fallen leaves in the winter sunshine becomes my only exercise followed by a good lunch and a snooze in front of the fire.

Well actually, Christmas is still three months away; it is just that I completed the Adidas 5 K Women’s challenge in Hyde Park last Sunday and am feeling smug enough to think about putting my running shoes away for the winter. I came a little way behind the winner who completed the course in less than 17 minutes. I did, however, raise about £250 for Arthritis Research from friends and relations who succumbed to my begging emails again.

My bit for charity wasn’t entirely altruistic, The Thin One (and to an extent Curly) has a genetic condition which means she will need all the arthritis care she can get as she gets older. Living with someone who has on going health problems can be stressful. Stress as we all know affects our health and our mental state. It also affects our relationships. Just google stress and relationships and see how many pages of advice there are. I am not going to add to those. You haven’t met the Elderly Husband yet but here are some things that I do that help me not to bash him on the head:

  1. You talk to a friend, be open and honest. Talking often helps you see the problem
  2. Have a check up. Stress takes its toll on your health. Make sure you are healthy
  3. Talk to your partner. Communicate, really listen to what you are saying to them and they are saying to you
  4. Go for a run. Walk the dog. Get some exercise
  5. Above all look after yourself.



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