ONS reports 3.4% uptake in civil partnerships in 2016

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The latest ONS report on civil partnerships has revealed in increase of 3.4% in 2016 as compared to 2015, a total of 890 across England and Wales. The findings show the first annual increase in civil partnerships since the introduction of same sex marriage in 2013. Other statistics from the study include:

  • 68% of civil partnerships in 2016 were between men
  • 49% of those entering into a civil partnership in 2016 were over 50 years of age, compared to 19% in 2013
  • The average age of those choosing civil partnerships was 49.9 years for women, and 48.6 years for men
  • London is the most popular area for civil partnerships, with 38% of formations taking place in the capital during 2016
  • During 2016 1,313 civil partnership dissolutions were granted – an increase of 9% from 2015

In response to the ONS findings, family law organisation Resolution highlighted the need for the law to ‘keep up’ with ‘how modern families are changing’. Graeme Fraser, Resolution’s spokesperson on civil partnerships explained:

“It’s therefore vital that professionals and politicians keep in mind all types of modern families, including civil partners and cohabiting couples, when considering how to deal with relationship breakdown.

None of this should detract from the fundamental need for the public to be fully aware of the limited rights of cohabiting couples in England and Wales, and the steps they can take to protect their legal position, particularly when it comes to housing.

Most importantly, there remains the pressing need for legislation to provide cohabiting couples with basic rights should they separate, to protect some of the most vulnerable in society, and particularly their children.”

For more information on the application for or dissolution of civil partnerships, prenups and cohabitation agreements, contact the family law team at Frances Lindsay & Co.

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