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When searching for a new home you might have an exact idea of what you’re looking for, you might despair of the lack of options available, or you might be completely overwhelmed by indecision. But have you considered a new-new home? Too often, buyers overlook new builds – or are simply unaware that they’re an option – but there are lots of benefits to buying brand new, such as:

  • A blank canvas. Put your stamp on your brand new house – no need to spend hours scraping off hideous old wallpaper or update fixtures and fittings. New builds are generally given a neutral palette, giving you free rein to bring your individuality to the place without first having to deal with a previous owner’s ‘eclectic’ taste in decoration.
  • No chain. Negotiating the minefield of property chains is one of the most infuriating parts of buying or selling a home. The good news is, a new build completely eradicates the uncertainty and allows you to lay your money down, fix a date, and move right in without the risk of it all falling through.
  • Energy efficiency. A new home is approximately 50% cheaper to run than an equivalent Victorian house. Newly-built properties are made with energy efficiency in mind, with high quality insulation, double glazed windows and doors, efficient boilers, low CO2 emissions, and sometimes even solar panels.
  • Lower costs. It goes without saying that everything in your new build will be, well, new – from fitted wardrobes to white goods. There’s no need to upgrade or replace any fixtures, and your monthly bills will be lower since all your appliances will be working in tip top condition.
  • No repairs required. If you moved into an ‘old’ home and upgraded it to new build spec it would cost you around £45,000 – you can easily spend upwards of £10,000 on a new kitchen or bathroom alone – so having everything already taken care of is a great asset in a new build. Plus, your new home should also come with a 10 year warranty to make sure you’re covered if anything needs a tune up


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