Support for Divorcing Parents During School Holidays

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So, we’re a few weeks into the summer holidays… are you ready for your kids to head back to school yet? Joking aside, the pressure of the school holidays can bring a lot of stress to couples, especially when both parents are trying to juggle work and childcare. A survey of over 2,000 parents interviewed in 2013 revealed that one in five couples with kids may consider divorce following the summer break.

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For couples in a relationship already under strain, six weeks of entertaining bored or energetic kids can take its toll. A charity set up to support separated parents claims that the summer is its busiest period, and recently provided a helpline for struggling parents during difficult times. The Ministry of Justice has said that it is potentially looking to roll out similar helplines across the country if the service is successful, providing additional support for separating couples and falling in line with recent legislation that requires splitting parents to attend family mediation sessions before applying to court.

A service like this would certainly fill a much-needed gap in the support of separating parents. During the holidays, life with kids can become intense, especially if a couple aren’t getting on. Financial worries, going away on holiday, being out of a normal routine, and misbehaving kids can all bring the situation to a head, leading to a couple feeling like they can’t go on.

When couples with children divorce, there is often a period of uncertainty, and parents may be unsure where to go for help. Some will be in need of parenting advice, others may need advice on child access issues or solving disputes. A good family lawyer is also a valuable asset during separation, and should be able to offer this kind of support, especially if they have been trained in mediation.

Nationwide services for parents needing support during or after a divorce include:

And if you’re in need of down-to-earth legal advice and services in the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire area, please feel free to get in touch with our family law team at Frances Lindsay & Co. We’re experienced in working with parents looking for a method of separation that offers minimum stress, and we can offer several fixed-fee out-of-court alternatives such as collaborative family law, arbitration and mediation. If you’re having a tough summer, don’t suffer it out – get in touch with someone who can help.

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