Taking Care of Your Future: Arranging Powers of Attorney

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lasting powers of attorney

Most of us recognise the importance of making a will, but few people consider arranging lasting powers of attorney – an added element of security and reassurance should you find yourself unable to handle your own affairs in the future.

There are two lasting powers of attorney to consider: one that deals with property and affairs, and another that covers your health and welfare. Both these powers operate during your lifetime and can be used if you become unable to organise your own affairs due to declining health, dementia, or in the event of an accident.

Health and welfare powers of attorney enable you to give a directive as to what should happen regarding your future care or appoint someone to make decisions for your medical treatment.

Likewise, property and affairs powers of attorney offer reassurance that your assets are handled according to your wishes and are managed by someone you trust should you find yourself unable to.

Most people put off arranging powers of attorney by telling themselves they’ll deal with it if the circumstances arise – such as developing dementia or a long-term illness – but unfortunately by then it’s often too late, and is certainly not the time to be managing legal issues. If you want to be sure that you relatives aren’t left struggling to negotiate your assets and affairs in a crisis, setting up lasting powers of attorney is the best way to make sure that your choices are respected and you and your loved ones are looked after should the worst happen.

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For more information on lasting powers of attorney read our FAQ blog here.

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