What is family law arbitration?

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Family arbitration is a method of reaching an agreement on financial and property issues following a relationship breakdown. Arbitration can be a cost-effective and faster alternative to court, especially if your case is fairly straightforward. This method of dispute resolution can also be more flexible and confidential than court proceedings.

Arbitration was previously used predominantly for legal cases relating to the building and commerce industries, but more recently it has become more popular in family law. Arbitration is just one of many processes used to resolve disputes between divorcing parties. It is often used when a couple have reached an impasse or stalemate in their negotiations and wish to resolve these issues without going to court. Divorce arbitration is a type of divorce trial but has several advantages over more traditional methods of separation and resolution. For example, you are able to choose the location and timing of your arbitration, and you are afforded more privacy than in a court case, not to mention avoiding many of the costs associated with court proceedings.

How does arbitration work?

  • You appoint an arbitrator who is trained in family law;
  • You agree on a time and place to meet and discuss your situation;
  • You work with your arbitrator to decide how your case should proceed, including making decisions about financial issues, asset division, property, and any other practical issues there are between you and your partner;
  • Your arbitrator deals with every detail of your case from start to finish;
  • You resolve issues as a couple in a less formal and more private setting than a courtroom;
  • Your arbitrator helps you to come to a final decision which is legally binding.

If you are going through a relationships breakdown and finding it difficult to come to an agreement over financial decisions but are reluctant to take your case to court, arbitration offers an efficient and amicable solution.

Frances Lindsay was one of the first British solicitors to be fully accredited in family arbitration and our team of lawyers in Maidenhead and Beaconsfield have many years of experience in dispute resolution. To discuss whether arbitration might work for your situation, please get in touch with us by calling 01628 634667 or emailing For more information on arbitration visit the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators website

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