Zoom Mediation During Lockdown

June 01, 2020  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

With the current lockdown situation, we’re having to work around social distancing rules to make sure we can still provide our clients with as much as support as possible, and have found Zoom mediation to be a useful alternative for couples going through separation during quarantine.

Mediation is an effective method of dispute resolution, enabling couples to discuss their situation with an objective third party mediator and try to come to a mutual agreement about how to proceed. As an out-of-court alternative, mediation focuses on collaboration and cooperation as much as possible, which feels particularly important right now as we are all grappling with the enormous changes to our personal circumstances. Mediation offers a solid basis for agreement and compromise, and may help to reduce the stress and pressure of divorce negotiations during this difficult time.

Mediation via Zoom can be a good place to start for couples who are in the early stages of separation, as it helps to lay the groundwork for how each party wants to resolve their situation, and highlight the issues that need to be agreed upon.

Couples can take part in Zoom mediation individually or together, and work through each aspect of their separation to build towards a final agreement with the support of an experienced mediator. For those who are still living together in lockdown, a mediated session could be provide a safe and positive space to discuss difficult issues – or you could choose to speak to your mediator separately.

It’s important to know that mediation is not the same as couples counselling, but it can be a helpful way to reduce some of the stress around negotiation and decision making. As mediators it’s our job to bring couples together to make an agreement that is right for their unique circumstances – we don’t take sides, and we don’t pass judgement or tell you what to do. We simply provide you with objective and supportive advice to allow you to come to a mutual decision together, with the minimum of stress.

COVID-19 and the current lockdown situation has made out-of-court dispute resolution alternatives like mediation more important than ever, offering a practical solution for couples who are not able to reach a decision by themselves. In many cases, an agreement can be made via mediation alone, removing the need for further litigation. Keeping things out of court also means the separation process is generally quicker, cheaper, and less antagonistic, with an emphasis on cooperation rather than leaving the final decision up to the courts.

Our offices are closed to the public at the moment but our family lawyers are still working from home, holding appointments via email, phone, FaceTime and Zoom. We also offer a free 45-minute consultation to discuss family law issues so you can access impartial advice and information to help you decide what next steps to take.

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