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Thinking about the future: making a will

April 02, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

A recent survey conducted on behalf of the National Council for Palliative Care has revealed that – rather unsurprisingly – the majority of people are uncomfortable talking (or even thinking) about dying. It’s not usually something we chat about over the breakfast table, but death is an unavoidable part of our lives, despite the fact that we are generally living longer, in better health, and with more options for care in old age. As scary, morbid or daunting it may seem, avoiding the subject altogether is not really a sensible option. Instead, face up to the future by putting together some practical ...

The Logistics of Making a Will

August 29, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

If you're one of those people who keep meaning to make a will but never get around to it, here's a kick up the backside from us: write "make a will" on your to-do list and get it done this month! It doesn't take long, it's not overly complicated and it is essential that you have one, especially if you have children. If you're based in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire, pop into our Maidenhead office or call your local branch and make an appointment with one of our experienced solicitors to get your will drawn up ASAP. Perhaps ...


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