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The Reasons Behind Infidelity

December 27, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

One of the five ‘facts’ cited as grounds for a divorce petition is adultery, and though it’s less common than ‘unreasonable behaviour’ these days, it still remains one of the central causes for separation in UK couples. When a marriage breaks down due to infidelity there can be plenty of resentment, anger, upset and confusion on both sides, but looking at the reasons behind the situation can sometimes help both parties work through the divorce in a positive way. As divorce solicitors, we have experience with many different circumstances that relate to the breakdown of a relationship, and we approach every case with sensitivity and professionalism. In the case of adultery, ...

Managing the Stress of Divorce

September 05, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

When we get married, we hope it’s forever – most times we believe it. Unfortunately that’s not always the case and a marriage breakdown can be as devastating as bereavement. When a relationship comes to an end it can be the most stressful experience of a person’s life, but with the right guidance, knowledge and legal support, it is absolutely something that you can get through, and hopefully emerge the other side in a much better place. At Frances Lindsay & Co in Maidenhead, our divorce solicitors are sensitive to the stresses divorce brings – we’ve been through it ourselves and have first-hand experience of the ...


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