Selling Your Home: How to Get the Best from Your Property

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When you’re trying to sell a property, presentation is everything. And sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference in turning a prospective buyer into a purchaser. There are a tonne of resources out there on preparing your home for a sale – from freshening up paintwork to baking fresh bread before a viewing – but behind the scenes, there are a number of practical and legal elements to consider.

Before anything else, it’s essential to get your solicitor on board. To give yourself the best change of a straightforward sale, make sure you’ve found a solicitor experienced in property and conveyancing to help you through the journey. The earlier you get working with a solicitor, the quicker, smoother, and hopefully cheaper the entire process will be. Once you’ve sorted out a trusted property solicitor, the tips below will help you to sell your home with as little stress as possible.

  1. Word of mouth.  Personal recommendation is by far the most powerful marketing technique, so get the word out to your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, local shopkeepers, teachers and parents at your kids’ school – in fact, tell absolutely everyone you meet about the fantastic home you have for sale and you never know who they might pass it onto! People are much more likely to listen to the genuine views of a friend than an estate agent about a prospective property, especially if they also live in the area.
  2. Know how to show off your property. Keep your property clean, tidy, free from personal clutter, and as neutral as possible. Avoid cooking smelly foods or smoking indoors before a viewing, and keep your home warm if the weather is cold, or nice and cool if it’s hot outside! Little touches like making sure there’s a parking space available can help the whole process easy and stress-free for buyers. Your estate agent will probably deal with most of the viewings, but if you’re the one showing buyers round, try to be professional and friendly – show off the best rooms first, don’t overwhelm them with lots of little details, and avoid any negative aspects as much as possible! Once you’ve given them the tour, let buyers take some time to wander round at their own pace in private, but stay on hand nearby to answer any questions if needs be.
  3. Picking the right buyer. If you’re lucky enough to get several offers on your property, it’s important to choose the right one to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. It can be frustrating to get all fired up about a prospective sale and then be let down at the last minute. Bear in mind that the highest price may not always be the best choice, so ask your agent to give you as much information on a buyer’s circumstances as possible to get an idea of how likely the sale is to progress successfully. It’s beneficial to have a cash buyer who either has no chain or whose own property is already under offer, but if your buyer is applying for a mortgage, you can always ask for proof that arrangements with a lender have been confirmed.  Your property solicitor will be able to help liaise with estate agents and buyers’ solicitors to try to make the process move forward as easily as possible.
  4. Accepting an offer. Work with your estate agent and your solicitor to accept the best offer for your situation. Request that offers are made in writing and be prepared to negotiate and compromise on the final price. There are a number of variables that may affect the final selling price of your property, such as: fluctuating market conditions, how many buyers you have competing over the property, how fast you need to sell, and how quickly a buyer can raise funds. Make sure all paperwork is up to date and your solicitor is kept informed at every stage to ensure that the transaction is completed successfully.
  5. Getting to the finish line. Selling your home can sometimes seem like an endless task, but if you tick all the administrative boxes, you stand a much better chance of finally exchanging contracts and moving on. To help keep the whole deal together, stay in close contact with your solicitor throughout the process. They will be able to communicate with your agent regarding conveyancing, surveys and paperwork, and will be able to give you advice on motivating your buyer to hold up their end.

For guidance and experienced support in selling and buying property in the Thames Valley area and across Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, the property and conveyancing team at Frances Lindsay & Co are here to help – let us take the weight off your shoulders and reduce the stresses of negotiating the property market!

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