Divorce costs in London rise to twice the UK average

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According to a recent survey, the average settlement costs of divorce for Londoners is almost double that of the rest of the UK, increasing from approximately £70,000 to £134,500.

The research, which surveyed 2,500 UK adults, shows that these elevated costs are in most part due to expensive living costs rather than higher-value assets. Despite higher house prices and pensions in the capital, London couples are paying more for divorce due to the increased cost of rent and mortgage payments, day-to-day living costs, interest on debts, and higher legal fees.

The survey also reported that nearly three-quarters (73%) of London couples experience delays in finalising divorce and financial settlements – in many cases up to a year. These delays have been attributed to the overloaded family courts and a lack of legal aid, along with increasing numbers of individuals representing themselves as Litigants in Person (LiP), which can have a significant effect on the duration of proceedings. Of those surveyed, 73% raised concerns about the effect of delays on their personal finances.

Despite the high rate of LiPs in the capital, however, 43% of respondents reported they were happy for others to make decisions for them during the divorce settlement process, suggesting an increased demand for fixed-fee arbitration process in London compared to the rest of the UK.

Whether you live in London or elsewhere, the key to a manageable divorce process is a trustworthy and competent solicitor who can guide you through negotiations and settlements with the minimum of stress and cost. A good solicitor can help you to make sensible decisions when it comes to your approach to separation – whether you choose mediation, arbitration, collaborative family law, or take your case to court – and will be on hand to explain and navigate any unexpected issues that arise.

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