Finding the Right Local Solicitor

January 20, 2020  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Finding the right local solicitor can be a case of trial and error, personal recommendation, or just sheer luck, and there’s no one-size-fits-all option. To work with a solicitor – particularly when it comes to long-term proceedings such as divorce – you need to be able to get along, understand one another, and, as a client, be assured that your lawyer is acting in your best interests.

Choosing a local solicitor is generally the most convenient, as it will be easier to arrange appointments, and they will be familiar with the local courts, timescales, processes, and other local law professionals. Many solicitors offer a free initial consultation in which you can discuss your needs, find out how they will be able to help you, and decide if you’d like to work together. (Here’s what to expect from these kinds of meetings.) However, we recently read an article in which the author advised divorce clients to visit as many different solicitors as possible to prevent their spouse from using any of them due to conflict of interest (ironically this was followed by the advice “don’t be petty”!). We would argue against this for several reasons, the main one being that by clearing the field of local solicitors you are ultimately doing yourself a disservice (not to mention being extremely petty!), as well as wearing yourself out before you even start by trudging round the town and repeating your story to different lawyers.

When it comes to divorce, it is in your interest for both of you to instruct local solicitors, making it far easier to work together, make arrangements, negotiate, and come to a positive solution for all involved. It’s likely that solicitors from the same local area will have worked together before, or at least know of each other, which means we will know who we are dealing with, how best to strategise, and find the right way to move forward with your case.

Of course, we’re not saying to just go with the first solicitor you see – by all means, speak to a few different solicitors until you find one you feel comfortable and confident working with – but don’t turn your choice into a power play. Find a lawyer who will give you straightforward, honest, down-to-earth advice on getting all your ducks in a row and above all, don’t be petty. It will only end up costing you time, money and stress in the long run. Take the advice you’re given and focus on the outcome, not the process.

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