Five FAQs About Divorce

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Getting divorced? You probably have a lot of questions. Many people feel overwhelmed when faced with all the details and decisions of a divorce case, so we’re used to getting lots of questions from our clients. Never be afraid to ask for clarification or help if you’re unsure about an aspect of your divorce – it’s better to ask a silly question and receive a useful answer than get a nasty surprise down the road when you realise your preconceptions about divorce were off the mark.

We thought we’d put together some of the most common FAQs we receive at Frances Lindsay & Co to help anyone about to go through a divorce. Here are our top five:

1) Can I get a quickie divorce? Nigella got divorced in 6 weeks and on Eastenders so-and-so got divorced in a couple of days…

‘Quickie’ celebrity divorces are not the norm but yes, you can get divorced pretty quickly if everything runs smoothly and your case is straightforward. A divorce usually takes around 4-6 months depending on the court office and how quickly each party deals with the paperwork. A financial settlement can take longer, however. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get divorced in a matter of weeks – unless of course you’re on Eastenders.

2) My friend/someone on the internet said that if I give up work I’ll get a better settlement. Is this true?

Please don’t listen to this kind of advice. You shouldn’t give up work unless there are exceptional reasons. Every case is different and whilst your friend/someone on the internet may be trying to be helpful, it is far more sensible to see a divorce solicitor who will be able to give you advice according to your particular circumstances.

3) My spouse says they want to get this over with quickly and doesn’t want me to see a solicitor. They said if I do, I’ll get nothing. What should I do?

In the case of divorce, it’s always a good idea to visit a solicitor so that you can ensure that the settlement your spouse is proposing is reasonable. Most divorce solicitors offer a short initial consultation without charge, or for a fixed fee. Once you have talked to an expert you can decide how you want to carry on. What you receive as a result of your divorce should be based on your circumstances, not your spouse’s assumptions.

4) My spouse is badmouthing me to friends and family. What can I do?

This type of situation is always hard and you have our sympathies if you’re going through a difficult separation. If your ex is making threats then you can seek the assistance of the police. If they are blaming your separation on you and calling you insane then you can seek a civil injunction to prevent them behaving that way but it will cost a great deal and will be difficult to enforce. Probably better to try to shrug it off. Those who know you shouldn’t care, and those who don’t know you shouldn’t matter.

5) I want more than what I’m being offered – how do I make my ex give me what I want?

Well, it’s fair to say that shouting and threatening don’t work, and neither do threats or demands. Whether you like it or not, the result of your divorce will depend on three things: your personal circumstances, the actions of your lawyer, and how well you are able to come to an agreement with your ex. In all cases, however, our divorce solicitors will do their very best to help you to walk away from your separation in the best possible position. The most useful thing you can do is to try to help your case run smoothly and be realistic about the outcome.

We hope some or all of those were useful and if you have any other burning questions about divorce then please feel free drop us a line at

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