Fixed Legal Fees VS DIY Divorces

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It seems almost every other news story opens with a version of “in these difficult financial times…” but unfortunately for most people times really are still hard. As a result of the recession, increasing numbers of couples are turning to DIY divorce websites rather than consulting with a local divorce solicitor in an attempt to make separation easier and cheaper, but these ‘quickie’ divorces are often not the quick fix people are hoping for. 

DIY divorce services are only really suitable for extremely straightforward, uncontested actions – as soon as you include any additional complications such as the division of property or assets, or deciding on the custody of children, a do-it-yourself solution will be unable to cover everything you need for a financially secure divorce. The allure of low price divorce websites also glosses over the fact that individuals will still have to pay VAT and fees of £455 on top of their budget package. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex-partner are completely on the same page when it comes to who gets the DVDs and who gets the sofa, a DIY divorce may still cost you more in the long run in terms of stress, confusion, and additional legal fees to set right an issue that could have been spotted had you gone to a professional divorce solicitor in the first place!

Fixed legal fees, on the other hand, offer a reliable middle ground for the majority of couples, providing the reassurance of set costs as well as the experience and expertise of a family lawyer or divorce solicitor. If your separation involves dependants, property, investments, businesses, other assets, or contested claims, you will certainly need to consult a law firm for advice before you embark on the divorce process. Unfortunately, in most cases, divorces are not completely straightforward, and issues arise along the way which need to be smoothed out and resolved with the aid of a trained divorce lawyer. Not only is this the best way of making sure you get the most positive outcome possible, it’s also extremely useful to have someone objective to help you through the challenges of your separation. At Frances Lindsay & Co we offer fixed fees for each stage of your divorce process, tailored to your particular needs. 

Diving into a DIY divorce without the knowledge and skills to get yourself out of a sticky situation can be horrendously stressful, and budget divorce websites just won’t provide you with the resources you need if you’re struggling to come to an agreement on any aspect of your separation. Choosing fixed fee services from an expert family lawyer allows you budget for each step of your divorce and relax without the threat of unexpected bills looming over you throughout the process. And, with a dedicated solicitor on your side for the duration of your case, you know you have a friendly (and professional) ear whenever you need one. 

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