What is Divorce Mediation?

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Divorce mediation is a co-operative method of dispute resolution that has the primary aim of finding a mutually beneficial outcome for a couple or family. Mediation-based separation is growing in popularity in the UK, and has even been recommended by the Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes, who is urging separating couples to seek help from local family mediator-solicitors to resolve their differences out of court.
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Mediation-trained solicitors are able to work with both parties in an independent supportive role, helping to resolve differences and work out a practical and positive plan for the future. While your mediator doesn’t take sides and cannot act as a legal representative for either of you, they are able to provide you with legal advice if there are any further processes that need to be completed during your separation.
At its core, divorce mediation offers a less combative and more family-friendly form of separation that is ideal for couples with children who are looking to divorce with minimal disruption to their family. Since you do not have to go to court to separate via mediation, the process is also often much quicker and cheaper than traditional litigation.
Divorce is often painted as a negative and emotionally draining battle, with one party trying to get one over on the other. While this needn’t be true of the traditional divorce process, mediation certainly offers a method with less animosity and more co-operation. A court divorce usually ends with someone feeling like they’ve ‘won’ and the other has ‘lost’, whereas the purpose of mediation is to create a win:win situation, especially when there are children involved.
By keeping calm, compromising, and working through the problems in your relationship with the experienced support of a mediation-solicitor, many couples find that separating is less stressful than they expected. Divorce mediation offers pragmatic negotiation in a safe and objective setting, and may even save you time and money, allowing you to move on with your life feeling positive about your separation.
Get in touch with our expert mediation-trained solicitors in Maidenhead and Beaconsfield to discuss your situation and see if an alternative form of dispute resolution is right for you. 
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