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What is Divorce Mediation?

April 29, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Divorce mediation is a co-operative method of dispute resolution that has the primary aim of finding a mutually beneficial outcome for a couple or family. Mediation-based separation is growing in popularity in the UK, and has even been recommended by the Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes, who is urging separating couples to seek help from local family mediator-solicitors to resolve their differences out of court.     Mediation-trained solicitors are able to work with both parties in an independent supportive role, helping to resolve differences and work ...

Couples Urged to Try Mediation Instead of Traditional Divorce in England and Wales

April 11, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes recommends mediation to couples and parents who are considering divorce as statistics on the ten busiest divorce courts in England and Wales are revealed. The minister suggests that thousands of couples could benefit from alternatives to battles in court by using local family mediator-solicitors to help them resolve relationships disputes. Simon Hughes explained: “Mediation works in helping to sort out disputes over finances and children. We are committed to making sure that more people make use of it rather than go through the confrontational and stressful experience of going to court. These figures show thousands of people are sadly still divorcing each year. We want them to do it in the ...


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