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Should the Process of Divorce be Removed from the Courts?

May 14, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

President of the High Court Family Division Sir James Munby is calling for a radical overhaul of the law to recognise the changing state of families in England and Wales. The intentions of these changes include providing cohabitees with the same legal rights as married couples and removing a sense of blame from divorce.  The President has suggested that divorce could be removed from the court system completely, enabling officials to dissolve marriages instead of judges, in much the same way as registration of births and deaths is handled out of court. The proposed changes intend to reflect the changing face of the traditional nuclear family. Rising numbers of single parents, unmarried parents, step-families and same-sex ...

Could Date Nights Save Your Marriage?

December 09, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Blog

The Norwegian government seems to think so. The Populist party is promoting date nights for couples in crisis in the hope of cutting divorce rates and encouraging “small pockets of time where parents can be lovers”. Solveig Horne, Norway’s minister for children, equality and social inclusion, has stated her intention to lower the national divorce rate by advocating that couples regularly take time out together in order to keep their marriage alive.  Norway’s divorce rate currently stands at 40%, with those aged between 40 and 44 most likely to seek a divorce. Having experienced divorce herself, the minister is adamant that setting aside time to be with and talk to your partner can have a huge positive benefit for couples. In ...


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